What is eVOS

eVOS is a superior bi-axial “Voided Slab” system, patented with a registered trademark in over 50 countries across the globe.
Developed by CME, eVOS is considered the #1 market “Voided Slab” system in the world, and has been accredited by: the International Code Council (ICC) through Dr. S. K. Ghosh along with many other international certification bodies.
eVOS is manufactured according to the highest quality, standards, also, provides easy handling and product stability.

Why A Voided Slab System ?

Less Plastic Pollution

eVOS is made from recycled plastic materials collected from city landfills.

Less Traffic

One 40 foot container replaces an average of 30 concrete mixers.

Less CO2

CO2 Emissions Reduction

eVOS Applications

eVOS on Site

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